My Sister’s Wedding (August 30th, 2014)

Hello there! So glad to meet you again in my blog πŸ˜‰

So, today i want to make a review about my sister’s wedding, since she doesn’t have any blog, she keep pushing me to write it in my blog.. okay okay kak, but please pay some charge for me ya! :p

Okay, let start!

This review will be very useful for you the budget bride-to-be, because my sister wedding is the awesome budget wedding!


  • The Venue

Balai Makarti Muktitama was chosen as my sister’s wedding venue. Why she choose the Makarti Muktitama?

1. The price is cheap (around 5mio for the Gedung itself and facilities)

2. The ceiling is high and beauty with Joglo shape and also the big chandelierΒ in the middle (please googling this place, to know the exact image)

3. The spacious is suitable for 600-800 guest (in person)

4. This place is easy to find and still in the Jakarta, since the Balai Makarti Muktitama is located in Kalibata Jakarta Selatan.

5. The parking area is big. So no need to worry about your guest’s vehicle.

  • The Catering

My sister choose Naurah Catering (previously known as Alief Catering) for her wedding and takes the package that consist of catering, decoration, MUA, photography, and MC

She tells me, the reason she choose Naurah Catering because:

1. The price is awesomely nice for your pocket.

2. The food’s taste is nice and acceptable, some of the foods are above the expectation.

3. Very cooperative and nice people to work with. (fyi, my sister wedding preparation takes only 3 months, emmm okay i cant lie, the fact,Β she takes 2 months of the effective preparation, never do it girls! it will kills you with too much stress and list to do in very limited time -_-“)

Okay, in the W-day, Naurah gives their best performance. My sister and I cant not believe what they’ve done, it just above our expectation. They serve the guest in a good manner, clean (very clean, no dirty dishes messing around the place, they clean it up quickly), the taste of foods are very nice, acceptable and some of them are very delicious).

  • The Decoration

C360_2014-08-30-08-11-29-036Β C360_2014-08-30-08-10-45-651 C360_2014-08-30-08-11-10-941

My sister choose the turquoise for the wedding theme with the white gebyok for the pelaminan. When we came to the place at 5.00 AM (because the akad will be held in 7.00), all the decoration has been arrangedΒ beautifully. Just amazed with the decoration, too many flower (believe me, it was too many flowers there!) standing in pelaminan and aisle with the pretty colors. And the superb one is the sakura tree, it just cute and cute! πŸ™‚

  • The Make-up Artist

Mutia Hazwani

Mila Dewi is my sister make up artist in her wedding day. I guess we don’t need to review this make up artist hehehe, we all know that she is super awesome talented MUA! all his creatures are too beautiful (yup, it also my sister). Please go check her facebook fan page to witnessing her talent to change the bride with a result “mangling-in”.

  • The Wedding Dress

She made her akad wedding dress in Mas Komar – Kiara Butik, Kelapa Dua (081317192558). He is the one that also will make my wedding dress :D. Mas Komar is my number one taylor, i’ve made many of kebaya and brides maid dresses in Kiara Butik. He made the very pretty kebaya with the nice price. I should mention that he is polite and understand what you want.

For the reception, my sister rents the gown in Sanggar Violetta – Jatibening Bekasi. This Sanggar has many gown and kebaya with affordable price and good quality. My sister turquoise gown is pretty right? πŸ™‚

For the Among tamu and wedding receptionist clothes are comes from Mila Dewi & Co. The quality is good but not many choices to choose.

I think that’s enough for my sister’s wedding review. I think i just forget the wedding singer and the photographer name because they are my sister friends, not Naurah Catering package.. maybe i should ask my sister first and updated this blog after it πŸ™‚

Special mention to: A Robi, the leader of Naurah Catering (Mbak Novi the Naurah Marketing team) and also all the vendor that perform in my sister’s wedding, thank you for your help and very good performance. Hope your business will be more success in the future! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


5 respons untuk β€˜My Sister’s Wedding (August 30th, 2014)’

    • hai mbak nungki.. untuk jahit di kiara butik biayanya bisa ditanyakan langsung ke mas komar.. biasanya kalau jahit dress bridesmaid kisaran 350rb sudah pakai bustier.. kalau untuk kebaya pernikahan akan lebih mahal karena ada payetnya.. tapi payetnya bisa diminta mau full atau tidak, jadi bisa nego sesuai budget kok.. monggo langsung di telpon ke mas komarnya utk info lebih detail.. terimakasih sudah mampir yaa πŸ™‚


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